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Working towards my goal of accreditation I am offering coaching initially at £60/hr during this time only.

Early booking is advised to take advantage of these rates.

Enquiries to:

Working towards my goal of accreditation I am offering coaching initially at £60/hr during this time only.

Early booking is advised to take advantage of these rates.

Enquiries to:



Life Coaching

Too busy to think about life?

A growing sense that life is passing you by?

No time to reflect?  

Things spiralling out of control?

Stuck in a rut?

Wondering how to achieve your goals?


Hopes, Dreams, Identity, Values,

Core Beliefs.

Life Coaching gives you the chance to explore who you are, and where you are heading.

'Its like someone held up a mirror and I could see myself for the first time.'

Coaching works to support people through times of transition, difficult  circumstances,  and places where they are stuck.  It also helps an individual who is unhappy with a situation and wants to see a better or different outcome. 

An individual is coached to be the best version of themselves and for many people this is life changing and exhilarating.

The result is them being empowered and equipped to do what they have been called to.



How does Life Coaching work?

A life coach can give you the chance to reflect and discover next steps. To see new opportunities, resurrect old dreams and to discover new ones. Working with ‘your best self’ all the solutions come from within you and are owned by you.

‘Clean Coaching’ ensures that you completely own the process and are motivated to see it through.


Coaching sessions are generally every two weeks for six sessions in one hour slots. This allows you time to process what has come up during the session and to complete challenges.  Your topics and goals determine the number and frequency of sessions. 

Some people find they have got so much out of the time that they book further sessions. Others complete one set of sessions, take a break then and come back for further for a set on different topics. 


Professional standards are extremely important to me. Integrity is one of my core values. To that end i have become an associate  member of the European  Mentoring and Coaching Council, EMCC. Maintaining the highest professional standards when coaching you is my priority. I am committed to ensuring that each session coached is the best it can be.


It is my passion to see individuals coached to become the fullest version of person they are created to be and to that end I would not wish finances to block possibility.

A free trial session  is available on request.


£70 per hour.

Six booked sessions for £400 

Ten booked sessions for £650.

A sliding scale can be applied: please enquire by email.


  • After working as a teacher for 30 years, 12 years as a Head of Department, I retrained as a Life Coach with Destiny Coaching. I spent many years as mentor, so this was a natural next step for me. After following the Destiny Coaching residential coaching and leadership training programme, over a period of  six months, I began life coaching in a wider context. 

  • Joining the European Mentoring and Coaching Council as an associate member has given me a professional standard and framework to adhere to.

  • As a Life Coach I have a particular interest in team building and managing conflict.

  • I especially enjoy seeing people become the best version of themselves as they become clear in their life purpose and begin to walk in it.

  •  I am passionate about seeing people fulfil their hopes and dreams!

  • I am an associate of EMCC

"Our aim is to define, create and promote best practice for all in mentoring and coaching. For professionals in the field we provide a reference point for key elements like standards and ethics and a continuous conversation about how to keep improving them."

 I  can coach on any topic including: 

  • time management

  • relationships

  • transitions

  • career changes 

  • project management

  • hopes and dreams



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Tutor and Life Coach

"To facilitate an individual or team to be the best version of themselves they can be."

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