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Whats drives change?

So whilst there are many different reasons for change needing to happen, our feelings can be mixed even if we are really positive about the reason. Adjusting to life outside prison takes time whilst the over whelming sense of freedom, brings immeasurable relief, joy and happiness.

Visioning is when images of desired future goals, objectives, outcomes, or resolutions are imagined and these motivate us to present action; bringing the future into being.

The bible says that 'where there is no vision the people perish' which highlights the importance of keeping your eyes on the big A agenda, and more importantly, what happens when we stop working towards hopes and dreams.

Don't lose sight of the big picture, the goal you have in mind. Work towards it relentlessly. Steps towards it will bring satisfaction and joy like nothing else.

In education we use small steps as the best way to help students re-engage in the process. Small achievable steps invite the individual to take part knowing from the outset they can not fail. They have a cheerleader; someone who says "I noticed the effort you put into that task", encouraging them all the way.

Stuck? Not sure how to go forward, or how to start?

Life Coaching can help you to achieve your goals.

Contact: to discuss how Mission Accomplished can help you work find your hopes and dreams and work towards them.

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